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Military Apparel & Headwear
Baseball Caps and Military T-Shirts, Cooling Products, Jersey Tops and Pants, Hoodies Tops and Sweatpants,
Messenger Bags, Tactical Bags, Squadron patches, Square Bandanas, Skullcaps and Do Rags, Blankets, Towels

Horizon Industries
There's more on us at our other websites: 
    Horizonindustries.com     Revivalfire.org
coolbandanas.com       Military-Hats.com

Horizon Industries, PO Box 822, Waxahachie, TX  75168

Office:     (972) 923-3284 cgarris54@gmail.com

We started years ago producing Cool Bandanas for the summer (see: coolbandanas.com).  What started as a lark soon turned into a major business. 

While looking for a visor to use as a "cooling" visor, we were introduced to the line of caps and visors that we now carry here on this website.  We were thrilled with the prices and the quality of the product, so it made sense to make them available to customers at the deep discounted prices that were made available to us.  Things grew and branched out from there to include over a dozen website businesses.

We are a small family business in the heart of Texas.  That says a lot.  Any problems or concerns you may have are our concerns.  There is no mega-conglomerate office staff to deal with, or unending voice mail systems.  You Email us direct and we solve the problem. Period. If you need special consideration or have a complicated order, it's not someone else you talk to -- it's us.

That's the American way.  It made our country the greatest country in the world.  It still works.

We are available any time to help you with your order and answer any questions you might have.  Just give us a holler.