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Military Personal Cooling Products, Cooling Caps, Cooling Vests, Cooling Inserts, Cooling Helmet Inserts and Cooling Bandanas

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support ou troopsFlat Top Military Caps, Fidel Style

These are the old style military hats that Fidel Castro made famous. Regardless of your politics, they are have been U.S. Army standard issue for years. I'm guessing that ol' Fidel got his hats from the US Army in the first place, but now we have them for you in a lot more styles and colors than they ever dreamed of in Cuba.

Dozens of colors in both solids and camouflage, distressed and regular. Different styles from standard to new age.
Army, Navy, USAF, USMC, Coast Guard, Veterans, Retired, POW-MIA, Beanies, Legion Caps, Fatigue Caps, Boonies Hats, Flat-top Hats

Pocket Military with
Foldable Brim
Camouflage Flat Top w/ flexible visor
Camouflage Flat Top w/ flexible visor


Solid Flat Top Military Caps w/distressed visor

Solid Flat Top Military Caps washed pigment dyed
Solid Flat top Military hats - washed pigment dyed

Solid Colors - Garment-Washed

Style #61-777

Camouflage - Distressed Visor
Style #111-784

Flat Top Solid Colors
Style #5019

Flat Top Fidel-style Camouflage
Style 5019

Camo Military with
Torn Edge

Cotton Rib Knit Military Cap with Hidden Pocket

Fine Brushed Cotton
Military Cap
Plain Distressed Fidel Castro Army caps

New design with embroidered patch, studs and stitching
R98 - Reversible Camo  Flat Top Caps
Reversible Camo Flat Top Caps
R05- Patrol Fatique Caps w/ Zipper
Patrol Fatigue Caps w/ Zipper
R04 - Adjustable Patrol Fatique Caps
Adjustable Patrol Fatique Caps
35A - Military Fatique Cap with Zipper
 Military Fatique Cap with Zipper

Vintage BDU Fatigue Caps